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  • Jungle Book (Monday at 4:30 with Ms. Savanna)  
  • Tinkerbell (Monday at 10:00 with Ms. Emily)​
  • Snow White (Thursday at 4:30 with Ms. Cara) 
  • Sleeping Beauty (Tuesday at 3:30 with Ms. Marah) 
  • Little Mermaid (Monday at 3:30 with Ms. Cara) 

Company Rehearsals begin at 6:15pm on May 8th. Pre-company Rehearsals begin at 6:45pm on May 8th. More details coming soon in recital packets.  

Please look below to find further information on 2019 Spring Recitals. Locate your class or level and click the corresponding button. Buttons will lead you to a detailed recital packet. This packet will also be emailed to the address associated with your account and handed out as a hard copy with the costumes.

  • Jungle Book (Saturday at 10:00 with Ms. Skye) 
  • Tinkerbell (Wednesday at 3:30 with Ms. Emily) 
  • Cinderella (Saturday at 10:00 with Ms. Emily) 
  • Mickey Mouse (Wednesday at 3:30 with Ms. Marah) 
  • Sleeping Beauty (Wednesday at 4:30 with Ms. Marah) 
  • Moana (Saturday at 9:00 with Ms. Skye

  • Thursday at 4:30 with Ms. Emily
  • Saturday at 9:30 with Ms. Emily
  • This does not apply to Thursday 9:45am TELC Pre- Ballet class. You will receive an email with details on your performance.    
  • Cinderella (Monday at Trinity at 1:00 with Ms. Cara)
  • Beauty and the Beast (Monday at Trinity at 2:00 with Ms. Cara)
  • Mickey Mouse (Thursday at TELC at 11:00 with Ms. Emily)
  • Beauty and the Beast (Thursday at Trinity at 2:00 with Ms. Cara)
  • Snow White (Thursday at TELC at 10:15 with Ms. Emily)
  • Little Mermaid (Tuesday at WCP at 3:30 with Ms. Cara)