RECITAL: Sunday, May 3rd 2020



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LOCATION: The Earl Smith Strand Theatre

117 North Park Square

​Marietta, GA 30060

Other important dates:

2.5-3 yr. old classes will have In Class Recitals on May 7th (Thursday 4:30pm class) and on May 9th (Saturday 9:30am class).​

Photo Week:

Saturday, April 25th - Friday, May 1st

Last Week of Classes:

May 11th - 16th

Click above if your child is in one of the following classes:

Monday: 1:00 Trinity with Ms. Cara

Monday 2:00 Trinity with Ms. Cara

Tuesday 3:30 West Cobb Prep with Ms. Cara

Tuesday 3:30 3-4 yr. Ballet with Ms. Melinda

Wednesday 2:00 Trinity with Ms. Simone

Wednesday 2:30 3-4 yr. Ballet with Ms. Melinda

Thursday 9:45am TELC with Ms. Cara

Thursday 10:30am TELC with Ms. Cara

Thursday 2:00 Trinity with Ms. Cara

​Thursday 4:30 5-6 yr. Ballet with Ms. Linzi

Click above if your child is in Level I, Level II/III, Pre-Company, or Level IV or Level V, but not a full company member.

Recital 2020 Information

The following classes are in the 6:30pm show:

Monday 6:30 Tap II/III with Ms. Sicily

Tuesday 4:00 Jazz/Contemporary I with Ms. Britt

Tuesday 4:30 Ballet II/III with Ms. Melinda

Wednesday 3:00 Trinity Hip Hop

Wednesday 4:30 Ballet I with Ms. Elizabeth

Saturday 12:00 Jazz I with Ms. Linzi

Saturday 1:00 Contemporary I with Ms. Skye

Tuesday 5:00 Pre-company Ballet with Ms. Elizabeth

Tuesday 6:30 Pre-company Jazz with Ms. Lindsey

Tuesday 5:30 Jazz IV with Ms. Lindsey

Tuesday 6:30 Ballet IV with Ms. Elizabeth

Wednesday 6:00 Contemporary IV with Ms. Nikki

Thursday 6:30 Tap IV with Ms. Nikki

Monday 7:00 Jazz V with Ms. Lindsey

Tuesday 7:30 Tap V with Ms. Sicily 

Wednesday 5:30 Ballet V with Ms. Elizabeth

Wednesday 7:00 Contemporary V with Ms. Nikki

​Friday 6:30 Acro Iv/V with Ms. Emily

REHEARSAL: Saturday, May 2nd 2020

Dear Parents, 
Thank you to all of you who have stood strong and continued with our virtual dance classes offered in the only way possible due to the COVID -19 situation. Our teachers have been working as hard as they can to give your children wonderful classes. After continually following the evolving situation, even though the state is starting to open back up, social distancing is still strongly recommended. Many of you whom we have heard from do not feel comfortable with any type of performance and there is really no way for the dancers to social distance while performing a dance.  For these reasons we feel that we will not be able to hold an in house recital/performance for the 2019-20 season of classes which ends on May 16th, 2020. Teachers will still offer the remaining 2 weeks of virtual dance classes as per our calendar. Please remember you are welcome to view any of the dance class videos you would like. 

In regard to performance fees, we have costumes ready to pass out to our families and will begin this process on May 6th, 2020 at our studio located at 1675 Cumberland Parkway, Suite 202, Smyrna GA.  UPDATED 5/26  Please email us regarding available dates and times to pick up costumes.  Once a time is arranged: When you arrive at the studio, park in front of the studio and call us at 678-556-0444 with what type of car you are in. We will walk the costume out to your car.  Because social distancing is still recommended, The Strand Theatre was not able to honor our performance date. We will be crediting that portion of the performance fee ($45) to your account. This may be used in the boutique or for future camp/class. Please note: This credit does not apply to the 2.5 year 1/2 hour classes who did not pay this portion of the fee. 


TSAD Dance Company Members - Ms Nikki will be addressing other questions about competition, auditions, summer etc.   

Again, thank you for all your support.   

This packet is for company members only.

Click above if your child is in one of the following classes:

Monday 10:00am 3-4 yr. Ballet with Ms. Simone

Monday 3:30 5-6 yr. Ballet with Ms. Cara

Wednesday 3:30 3-4 yr. Ballet with Ms. Alex

Wednesday 3:30 5-6 yr. Ballet/Jazz with Ms. Melinda

Wednesday 4:30 5-7 yr. Ballet with Ms. Cara

Thursday 3:30 5-6 yr. Ballet/Tap with Ms. Haley

Thursday 3:30 3-4 yr. Ballet with Ms. Cara

Saturday 10:00am 5-6 yr. Ballet with Ms. Linzi

Saturday 9:00 3-4 yr. Ballet with Ms. Skye